Mr Doovdé
Mr Doovdé
Gender: Male
Fonejacker: Pilot
Christmas Message
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Mr Doovdé is a fonejacker persona that is occasionally depicted riding a camel and doesn't prounounce initials as individual letters, he pronounces them as whole words (For example his name comes from his pronunciation of the initials DVD). He is a fan of various songs and phones music stores and attempts to sing the receiver a tune he liked to see if they have it in stock.

Mr Doovdé translatorEdit

The following is a list of initials that either Mr Doovdé or Aziz Azizzi pronounced as whole words.

  • Bah
BA British Airways
  • Bubca
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Benp
BNP British National Party
  • Berlt
BLT Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato (Sandwich)
  • Bumwe
BMW Bavarian Motor Works / Bayerische Motoren Werke
  • Büzm
BSM British School of Motoring
  • Dhuss
DS Developers System
  • Doovdé
DVD Digital Versatile Disc
  • Doovlah
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • Duhfs
DFS Direct Furnishing Supplies
  • Duhk
DC Washington DC
  • Duhul
  • Fuk
FC Football Club
  • Hoode
HD High Definition
  • Hoomv
HMV His Master's Voice
  • Huhtutupuh
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Itver
ITV Independent Television
  • Jervk
JVC Japan's Victor Company
  • Jufk
JFK John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Laks
LAX Los Angeles International Airport
  • LucDe
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
  • Mterv
MTV Music Television
  • MUP3
MP3 MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
  • Nuhkup
NCP National Car Parks
  • Nuss
NHS National Health Service
  • Oosa
USA United States of America
  • Ook
UK United Kingdom
  • Poospe
PSP PlayStation Portable
  • Pük
PC Personal Computer
  • Tiv
TV Television
  • Vusura
VCR Videocassette Recorder
  • Vuhs
VHS Video Home System
  • Woo
WWW World Wide Web