Fonejacker: Doovdé Series 2
Disc №: 1
Episode №: 7
Classification: 15
Code: C4DVD10218
Release Date
Region 2: 27 October 2008
Set Details
Main Run Time: 137 minutes
Extras Run Time: 53 minutes
Main Soundtrack: Stereo
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing
Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic
Colour: PAL
Disc Format: DVD9

The Second Series Doovdé of Fonejacker was relesed on region 2 DVD on the 27 October 2008.

Cover blurbEdit

The Fonejacker shows he's still king of the prank phone call with more audacious attempts to scam and confuse the public in Fonejacker Doovdé Series 2. New characters include Dufrais, the nation's number one complainer; Steve, a prison inmate who's looking for a good job on the outside, preferably with accomidation; Janec, a Polish builder who can undercut any price and who also composes music for television gameshows; and Mendoza, a master of the Dark Arts.

All the favourite characters from series 1, including Terry Tibbs, George, Mr Doovdé and the Mouse, also return.

The Fonejacker's got your number. Don't pick up the phone!

Reviews on the coverEdit


8 episodes are included on the DVD, they are:


  • Commentaries
An option that allows the viewer to watch episodes 1 and 2 with a commentary by Kayvan Novak and Ed Tracy.

  • Opening shots
The filming of the rooftop opening sequence shot procedure.

  • Character selection
An option that allows the viewer to watch all the sketches from one character back-to-back.

  • Büzm
A look at the making of Mr Doovdé's Büzm sketch.

  • George Got Talent shoot
A look at the making of George's Britain Has Very Much Talent sketch.

  • Krakow 951
A look at the making of Janec's Krakow 951 sketch.

  • Orgy Bingo
A look at the making of Mendoza's Bingo Orgy sketch.

  • Polish cinema shoot
A look at the making of Janec's Knife Fight sketch (The scene showing a film Janec composed the music for).

  • BuP shot
A look at the making of Mr Doovdé's Bup sketch.

  • Interview with Kayvan
Kayvan Novak provides a interview from the booth were he makes most of his phone calls.

  • DVD signing
A selection of clips of Kayvan Novak, as the Fonejacker, signing people's first series Doovdé at a Virgin Megastores (later renamed Zavvi).

  • Dufrais surveillance
A Dufrais test shoot.

  • BA shoot
A look at the making of Mr Doovdé's BA sketch.

  • Making orgy drummer
A look at the making of Mendoza's orgy drummer sketch.

  • Unseen material
Main article: Unseen material
Four skeches which were not broadcast
  1. Jimmy Juice
  2. Brian Badonde: Shat on the Floor
  3. Brian Badonde: Burr
  4. Bijan: Pizza Delievery
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