Fonejacker: Doovdé Series 1
Disc №: 1
Episode №: 7 (8 including one short)
Classification: 15
Code: C4DVD10155
Release Date
Region 2: 8 October 2007
Set Details
Main Run Time: 138 minutes
Extras Run Time: 54 minutes
Main Soundtrack: Stereo
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing
Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic
Colour: PAL
Disc Format: DVD 9

The First Series Doovdé of Fonejacker was relesed on region 2 DVD on the 8 October 2007.

Cover blurbEdit

The Fonejacker is a man on a mission – he's addicted to making prank calls and no phon is safe

Fonejacker Doovdé Series 1 features all the characters from the hit TV show, including Terry Tibbs, a car salesman who makes dodgy dealing an artform; Mr Doovdé, who talks in bewildering abbreviations; George Agdgdgwngo, the scamster who wants your bank account details and sort code; the Mouse who can talk; and Mr Miggins, the old man who can't get to grips with the modern world.

Once you've seen Fonejacker, you'll never take a cold call again.

Reviews on the coverEdit

  • ...a mini-work of art in itself – "Time Out"


8 episodes are included on the DVD, they are:


  • Unseen Material
A look at the filming of Fonejacker plus two unbroadcast sketches, one of the Chinese DVD Gang and the other of the Mouse.

  • Character index
An option that allows the viewer to watch all the sketches from one character back-to-back.

  • Commentaries
    • Episode 1: "Terry Tibbs" (Kayvan Novak)
    • Episode 2: Ed Tracy and Kayvan Novak
    • Episode 3: Ed Tracy and Kayvan Novak
    • Episode 4: Crew
    • Episode 5: Crew
    • Episode 6: Crew
    • The Pilot: Ed Tracy and Kayvan Novak
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