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Fonejacker: Christmas Message
Overall: 2
Episode: Christmas special
Air date: 25 December 2006
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The Christmas Message was first broadcast on the 25 December 2006 and it was miniature special to promote the first series of Fonejacker. It was the first episode to feature the Fonejacker wearing the red balaclava.


The episode started with a small video clip about Queen Elizabeth II of England, but the Fonejacker stopped the video so the camera could film him in a toilet making prank phone calls.


Phones a HMV to check prices on a 'poospe' and to see if you can play MUP3 on it

Phones a wine store with his speech impediment to see if they sell Bourbon

Phones a man to get his bank account details and sort code so his bank vault can be decorated in the theme of Christmas


After the sketches came a promo for the first series which said:

Fonejacker...coming April 2007...don't pick up the phone...
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