Facejacker: Doovdé Series 1
Disc №: 1
Episode №: 5
Classification: 15
Code: C4DVD10321
Release Date
Region 2: 17 May 2010
Set Details
Main Run Time: 123 minutes
Extras Run Time: 40 minutes
Subtitles: English for the hard of hearing
Ratio: 16:9
Colour: PAL
Disc Format: DVD9

The First Series Doovdé of Facejacker was relesed on region 2 DVD on the 17 May 2010.

Cover blurbEdit

From the creators of the BAFTA® award-winning Fonejacker comes a brand new show; Facejacker. Kayvan Novak once again wreaks havoc with the general public, but this time he gets up close and personal. Disguised with the aid of prosthetics, Kayvan plays a dazzling multitude of fictional characters, some familiar and some brand new, including: the charismatic and many times divorced car salesman, Terry Tibbs; scamster Augustus Kwembe, whose hypnotherapy service is really a front for stealing bank account details; and infuriating complaint monger, Dufrais. New faces include charlatan art critic Brian Badonde and Dr Ali, former plastic surgeon to the late Saddam Hussein. All are thrust into real-life situations where Kayvan's targets have no idea what's coming their way. Facejacker showcases Kayvan Novak's amazing array of voices and characters as well as his sublime comic improvisational skills.
Facejacker takes Fonejacker to another dimension...

Reviews on the coverEdit

  • Prepare to be gob-smacked by Novak's nerve. – "The Times"
  • Impressive, daring and suitably mischievous. – "The Guardian"


Five episodes are included on the DVD, they are:


  • Characters index
An option that allows the viewer to select a sketch from all of one character's sketches.

  • Inside the Lizard's lair
A look at the making of Terry Tibbs' Lizard Lair programme.

  • Augustus green screen
A look at the making of Augustus Kwembe's transitions.

  • The making of Terry Tibbs car advert
The adverts used to promote Tibbs' business

  • Dufrais green screen
A look at the making of Dufrais Constantinople's transitions.

  • The making of the headcast
A mini documetary showing Kayvan Novak having a headcast made.

  • Terry green screen
A look at the making of Terry Tibbs' transitions.

  • Aramis on Iraq TV

  • Trailer
The full Many Faces advert.

  • Trailer bloopers
The outtakes from the Many Faces advert.

  • Terry Tibbs car lot recce

  • Kayvan's fone footage

  • Brian's make up
A look at Kayvan Novak having the Brian Badonde headcast being put on.

  • Dufrais' wheelchair
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