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Programme title: Facejacker
Starring: Kayvan Novak
Directed by: Kayvan Novak
Ed Tracy
Country of origin: United Kingdom
№ of series: 1
№ of episodes: 5 regular
(List of episodes)
Original channel: Channel 4
Original run: 16 April 2010 –
Preceded by: Fonejacker
Followed by:
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Facejacker is a television comedy programme which is broadcast on Channel 4 (original broadcast) and E4. It is a follow on from the series Fonejacker. The programme's star Kayvan Novak masquerades as many characters, some of which appeared in Fonejacker.


After two series of Fonejacker, Kayvan Novak said that he was "not sure there will be a third series of Fonejacker" but despite this, several websites reported in October 2009 that a third series would air in May 2010. In November 2009, the third series was officially announced, with the news that it would be called "Fonejacker 3D" and feature Kayvan Novak portraying both old and new Fonejacker characters face-to-face in the public domain. However, it was later renamed "Facejacker". Several adverts were broadcast to promote the programme and it was first broadcast on the 16 April 2010.

Doovdé releasesEdit

In reference to the Fonejacker character Mr Doovdé, each of the DVD releases of Fonejacker were called "Doovdés" and although the word Doovdé does not appear on the Facejacker DVD, it can be called a Doovdé. For more information see the individual pages.


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